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[STEAMED]-Dozen Jimmy Blue Crabs (5.5-6.5 inches)


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A heavy dozen will do ya!

Do you have time on your side?  Sure you do, when it comes to steamed blue crab picking!  Turn an ordinary afternoon into a crab feast with Ordercrabs.com's fat steamed crabs shipped to your front door.  All you must do is bend over and pick up the crab cooler and either briefly reheat your fresh crabs or dip as is in hot butter that instantly warms the meat for a delicious meal.  Captain Jim suggests 8-10 fat crabs per hungry eater.  October and November weigh the bushels with heavy meat, and you’ll pick large mouth-watering jumbo pieces this time of year.  Just a fun fact, a 3 oz. serving contains about 17.2 grams of protein (according to our dietary online experts), so eat with a healthy assurance!  As far as reheating, try these steps:  Fill your handy large pot with water and add some beer and spice and stir.  Position a basket right above the water and bring the contents to a boil.  Carefully, position the crabs on the grate (You don’t want to lose a claw.) and season with JO spice #2 (We ship some extra spice for you, or check out our spice category and order authentic Chesapeake Bay spice).  Allow crabs to steam for 5 minutes and serve for the time of your life!

We grade with the Traditional Chesapeake Bay Grading Scale!

Supers: 7+ inches

X-Large:  6 ½ -7 inches

Large:  6-6 ½ inches

Mediums:  5 ½ -6 inches

Small:  5-5 ½ inches

Are you an expert crab picker?  If yes, click here!

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