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STEAMED-♢( Bushel) Male Jimmy Maryland Blue Crabs (Medium/Large 5.5"-6.5")


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Considering a bushel of Jimmy Crabs?

This category represents our favorite size from all enthusiasts.  Novice to beginners enjoy the bushel size that includes about 6-dozen meaty crabs.  Both medium and large crabs fill a bushel with point-to-point sizes measuring from 5.5”-6.5”.  Since these crabs boast jumbo, lump and claw meat in sizeable portions, you can estimate 6-8 crabs per person.  Our crew pull these crabs from safe USA waters.  Healthy estuaries, inlets and rivers mean clean-tasting, salty-sweet meat.  Many dietitians include Blue Crabs in menus since they have high levels of omega-3s, better known as fish oil good for metabolism and heart health for the crab-feaster.  They also like the high amounts of pure protein and minimal calories in each crab serving, about 3 oz. of meat.  You’ll love the perfectly steamed and spiced crabs that ship immediately to your address in a custom cooler to guarantee freshness.  With a bushel Jimmy order, you may want to offer some sides like potato salad or corn-on-the-cob.  Enjoy our top choice!

How can you teach your family how to eat crabs easily?  Follow these steps for success, crab after crab!

~Roll out crab paper on your dinner table and place an abundance of paper towels for each feaster.  Also, supply a large ramekin of melted butter with a mix of lemon juice.  Don’t forget mallets, claw crackers and seafood forks!

~Dump your crabs in the middle and divvy out select crabs for each feaster.

~Now, let’s begin.  Twist off the legs & claws. Pry up the bottom apron.

~Place your finger under the top shell where now there’s a small hole for ripping the armored shell off.

~Scrap away lungs.  Break the crab in half and break it in half again.  Pick and dip all the jumbo and lump pieces.

~Crack claws and snap legs and pick for the meat with seafood forks.  Then, grab another!

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