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STEAMED-♢(1/2 Bushel) Female Random Mixed Blue Crabs 5 1/2"- 7" ♢ (Approx. 2.5-3 Dozen)[FRESH]


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Celebrate the Blue Ladies!

Our crew pull and call massive bushels filled with Sook or mature female crabs.  Yes, we follow sustainability standards and only catch the legal amount for those crab eaters who prefer the female crab.  Females taste very similar to the male counterpart but have a few distinct differences.  One, they have red tips on their claws rather than the signature blue for the male.  On the undercarriage, the apron or center exterior shell is in the shape of a bell.  The males sport an elongated apron.  These differences help separate the male vs. female.  Most chefs use female crabs in crab cakes and dips, so you know the taste.  Females weigh less, so we bushel 5”-7” sized females to ensure an order filled with jumbo, lump and claw meat.  Probably the most noteworthy difference is the roe or caviar-like eggs that accompany some female crabs.  Many enthusiasts enjoy eating it as a delicacy!

Crab Picking Tips

  • Cover the picnic table with crab paper and plenty of paper towels.  Give your hungry crew a mallet, claw cracker and seafood fork.  Don’t forget the ramekins filled with hot butter and a refreshing beverage.
  • Grab your first crab and snap off all the legs.  Save the claws for cracking and the smaller legs if you pride yourself in picking every last morsel.  (We don’t blame you!) Pull up on the apron.  This creates a hole at the top shell. Pry off the top shell and break the crab in half.  Scrape away the gills. Pull large jumbo meat from the back-swimming legs and find lump along the two large crab halves.  Savor a freshly caught and steamed blue crab from USA waters!

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