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{LIVE} Maryland Hard Shell Blue Crabs by the Bushel


  • {LIVE} Chesapeake Crab will not refund any money for crabs that do not survive the shipment. Live orders are at your own risk. Dead loss is expected. Dead loss is expected.In extreme cases an entire order may arrive dead. (+$10.00)
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“How sweet, fresh blue crab meat!”

Either picking crabs yourself or ordering from a Chesapeake Bay picking house, blue crabs from Maryland just taste sweeter!  Some say it’s the perfect mix of salt and fresh water in the largest estuary (bay) in the world, or the fact these crustaceans have to hibernate during the winter.  Preparing for the cold months requires a hefty appetite.  Snails, oysters, clams, fish, and other tasty bay sustenance help the blue crab develop tasty fat.  This fat adds to the already delicately flavored salty-sweet meat. From the very early days when Marylanders found the courage to catch the snapping crab and cook him, the savory meat was celebrated as AMAZING! They termed the blue crab as “Beautiful Swimmer that is savory.”  Not many species have the description as “tasty” or “savory” in its name.  Everyone must try this delicious delicacy! 

Don’t get crabby over these crab facts!

  • Marylanders prefer steaming crabs in large pots and have been known to pour a Natty Bo in the water mix for that hoppy steam. 
  • Southerners love a boil and throw in corn and sausage for a juicy meat. 
  • Blue Crabs find favor all along the Eastern Seaboard of the US and rival the West Coast’s Dungeness Crab. 
  • Chesapeake Crab Connection is awarded the Best supplier of blue crabs nationwide!

Steamed or Boiled?

So, you think you can handle a bushel of snapping Blue Crabs?  Sure, you can.  And we’ll tell you how! (Unable to ship live on Wednesdays and Fridays)

 Step #1 Know your sizes. (If you wish to order crabs LIVE please CLICK HERE to review our live crab policy. 

 Bay Crabs measure 5”-6” and fill the bushel at about 7 dozen.  Even though all our crabs swim in   the Bay, estuaries, inlets and rivers this name characterizes our smallest crab best for a side with   other cookout favorites or as an appetizer.

 Jimmies stretch 5 ½” -6 ½” from point-to-point and fill a bushel with about 6 dozen crabs.   Watermen call all male crab Jimmies, but we use that name to designate our family   friendlysize. Serve with corn on the cob and potato salad; this size eats as an entrée.

 Jumbo crabs cause crowds to cheer with measurements from 6”-7” plus and fill a bushel with 5   dozen heavy crabs.  Boasting the most meat from claw, lump and jumbo meat, this size offers a   filling entrée.  Don’t forget, this size contains the monster crabs known as the behemoth size   above  7”.  Some crab enthusiasts find 2-3 crabs perfect per guest with all this meat.

 Female Crab Bushels combine all sizes from 5”-7” plus and fill your personal bushel to 5-6 dozen.   To keep your ordering easy, a bushel entertains about 10 people.




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