Fall Fat Crab Dock November 2020

Blue Crabs are on the move and so are you!

Get your Chesapeake Crabs now before these fatties become harder to find! Right now they’re fat & ready! Our crew potted some massive JUMBOS this morning. This catch even amazed Captain Jim! Set-up the outdoor heaters crew, we’re throwing a crab feast this weekend! Take a look at this one! Has to be 9” point-to-point!”

We give thanks to our loyal crab fans!

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Blue Crabs know how to get around!
From Nova Scotia to Argentina, eager seafood lovers can net a blue crab. They must use sly crabbing skills since blue crabs are quite wily. They can escape a novice, but seasoned watermen have turned crabbing into a science with charting tides and graphing crab movement. Finding the blue crab isn’t difficult, however. They prefer estuaries and salt marshes along the coast. The splash of fresh water hitting salt mixes into brackish water, 25% salt and 75% fresh. This percentage in typical estuaries suits the blue crab quite well and produces the salty-sweet meat.
The Chesapeake Bay serves as the largest estuary in the world with 4,479 square miles. Talk about enough swimming room for the “Beautiful Swimmer!” The Susquehanna, Potomac, Rappahannock, York, and James Rivers all flow into it giving that needed splash of brackish water. During the colder months, blue crabs burrow into the mud within deeper bay waters or even swim out to the mouth of the bay to reach warmer water. Once spring hits, they still swim towards warmer waters up the river tributaries. Salt of the oceans slows the migration, while the fresh water stops their river advance. With all this getting around, a true crabber can chart these movements and pot the healthiest and meatiest blue crabs. Chesapeake Crab Connection finds success by following these crab movements. It’s all about the catch, the steam, and the quick delivery!

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