The Year of the JUMBO! August 2020

Fat Females for Father's Day

Chesapeake Crab Connection does it again! Our crab boats charter the bay waters in search of meaty monsters filled with jumbo, lump & claw meat. Sinking baited pots with eel, fish and other tempting food, our crew pulled some fatties this morning! Captain Jim rolled out another week of steamed Blue Crab savings for your summer feasts! “This week looks like a winner with all sizes! Bays, Jimmies, Jumbos and Females loaded our boats this morning. Keep to our impeccable standards, crew!”
Our standards~
Crabs sized to the Traditional Chesapeake Crab Scale. Bays (5”-6”), Jimmies (5.5”-6.5”), Jumbos (6”-7”).
Steam from blue to red! Our fresh crabs steam quickly after the catch for the BEST crab meat.
We are your crab source! Check out our homemade dipping sauce, crab eating tools, and hundreds of add-on seafood like crab cakes, shrimp, and scallops.


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