The Year of the JUMBO! October 2020

Fat Females for Father's Day

Captain Jim directs his crew to share indoor crab feasting guidelines!

Call 866-509-CRAB for expert advice.

Awarded “Best Maryland Blue Crabs 2019-2020”

True Crab Sizing ~ Small (5”-5.5”), Medium (5.5”-6”), Large (6”-6.5”), X-Large (6.5”-7”), Super (7” plus)

Perfectly Arranged.

Some dump the crabs in the middle of the table, while others divvy out the number crabs per person.  We suggest arranging them perfectly for an initial “oohh & ahh” before the feasting.  Eyes will first marvel at the heaviest and freshest crabs from the Bay.  Then they’ll check out the table for all the doodads for the event.  Check out Captain Jim’s guidelines for the perfect feast.

Mallets ~ Choose our beechwood, durable mallet for a tap that cracks the claws for an easy picking of claw meat.

Crab Paper ~ Quick and easy cleanup lets everyone remember the delicious crab meat and not the messy cleanup!  Just roll up and discard!

Crab Dipping Sauce ~ Apple vinegar, pureed vine ripe tomatoes, and brown sugar make this secret DELMARVA recipe a go-to for a hot butter substitute.  Why not?  Give your hungry fans choices!

Bowls, Paper Towels ~ Keep your hands clean for a fresh pick every time. A dunking bowl keeps the feast on track for a timely pick.

Claw Cracker, Seafood Fork, Crab Knife ~ Choose tools that are durable and reusable for a smart investment for the future and an expert pick now.

Butter Warmer ~ With a candle and affixed ramekin, a butter warmer gives you a hot dip at your leisure.  Yes, and the candle adds a crab feasting romance between your friends.

Extra Spice ~ Never fight over the extra-spiced crab.  A few bowls filled with extra JO crab house spice will keep everyone happy!


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