10 Minute Or Less Seafood Meals

Thank your dedicated crabbers!

Crabs like a welcoming pot.

Hussle and bustle begins an hour before sunrise. Baited pots drop into the bay waters filled with bull lips, chicken necks, salted eel and other crabby favorites. Wafting waters spread currents of tasty smells for the crab’s morning breakfast. Ravenous and aching for some sustenance, these blue crabs appreciate the meal, but quickly realize this meal has a price! An eventual trip up to our wooden crab boat for exact Chesapeake Bay sizing. Captain Jim reflects on this morning, and gasps, “This morning we checked all 300 pots along the Delmarva and Kent Island Love Point and finished by lunchtime. We broke records!” Sizing the crabs to the traditional grading scale moves the crew to take pride. Most companies change the sizes to fit their needs, but we catch what we catch. The sizing follows these measurements point-to-point. Small, 5”-5.5”; Medium, 5.5”-6”; Large, 6”-6.5”; X-Large, 6.5”-7”; and Supers 7”-up. Our crew causes quite a commotion in the bay waters. “Crabs love us!” laughs Captain Jim. “We use the best bait and navigate our charts for the fattest crabs.” Nothing beats the blues than a fatty blue this time of year! We welcome you to our blog.

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