October Month Long Specials

October Crab Update

The official reviews hit the crab docks for 2019. Chesapeake Crab’s Blog fans unanimously report 100% of caught Blues in Bay estuaries hit the “unbelievably salty-sweet” category. Captain Jim explains, “This year’s catch had the perfect three scenarios in play. One, the increased rain decreased Bay salinity, but the recent calm waters allowed crabs to forage out and “sniff out” crab pots.” Worldwide, Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs take a 5-Star rating for this ideal water mix. "Two, many crabs recently molted causing sweeter tasting meat, a newly developed protein which naturally tastes even “cleaner.” Just a side note, these “naked” crabs without their shells wear the title 'soft-shell.' "Three, our crew professionally wash the crabs to remove salt and debris, but not too much to wash away fat and juices that give the crab a succulent flavor and a perfect mix from salty to sweet. Yes, a happy medium gives the crab a perfect “sweet” taste.” Captain Jim predicts this year’s Fat Crab Season will rival last year’s caught monsters. Keep in mind, more fat complements the meat for a sweet taste too. Add JO Spice #2 and you’ll have a perfect match of salty-sweet and spicy hot!

We grade with the Traditional Chesapeake Bay Grading Scale!

Supers: 7+ inches

X-Large: 6 ½ -7 inches

Large: 6-6 ½ inches

Mediums: 5 ½ -6 inches

Small: 5-5 ½ inches

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