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[STEAMED- FRESH] 1/2 Bushel Maryland Style Female Hard Shell Crabs

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  • Any Blue Crab order over 1 day in transit will be shipped using dry ice. This may cause the crabs to freeze they can be thawed under refrigeration.  
  • It is impossible to get every order spiced to exact customer request due to steaming and shipping process.- No money will be refunded 
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Half Bushel Sooks

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The Ultimate FRESH Catch! 

Heavy, meaty USA Blue Crabs signal fun and smiles from all Steamed Maryland Blue Crab fans! Stuck at home?  Dump a heavy load of JUMBO Blue Crabs on the dining table and pick crabs like a true Bay lover! 

The crabs taste like no other! FRESH. Steamed to perfection. Spiced to your liking & salty-sweet, a taste you LOVE!

The FRESH Catch. “Lift with your legs! Those pots look extra full this morning!” Yes, our crew follow orders and find the best inlets and sounds to sink our pots. Starting at 5am, we begin pulling in the FRESH catch!

Our crew need extra muscle to pull these hefty pots out of Bay waters onto our wooden boat’s deck. Man, these monsters look angry! Snapping and hustling around the deck with their ten legs, these Blue Crabs couldn’t be FRESHER! Every crab does indeed receive the utmost care. Our crew choose only heavy, meat-filled crabs and grade them with the traditional Chesapeake Crab Grading Scale. Small 5”-5.5”, Medium 5.5”-6”, Large 6”-6.5”, Ex-Large 6.5”-7”, & Super 7” +.

Chesapeake Bay Steaming & Spicing. “Don’t use too much spice. You don’t have to hide the salty-sweet taste of these blue crabs.” Everyone likes a different amount of spice. How much do you like? Choose your spice requirements when ordering.

Neighbors to our crab houses love that Old Bay smell with salty-sweet aromas from freshly steamed blue crabs. Many of them visit our crab houses, almost directed by their noses! Our crew know what all crab lovers want. The honored and true Chesapeake Bay steaming. We follow the traditional Maryland recipe in spicing the crabs with JO #2. Then, in cast iron pots, we exactly steam the crabs so the meat cooks to a salty-sweet and tender blue-ribbon quality. 

Beautiful Swimmer that is savory.

” Yes, blue crabs are crustaceans, but that term doesn’t describe this crab. I like to call them a WONDER from the Bay!” Blue Crabs boast a blue color with an olive-green shell and move swiftly sidewise through the brackish waters. What makes them so amazing? The taste, a true delicacy from the Bay. Have you tried it? If so, why do you like blue crabs so much? Share with us!

Pick for a recipe or for fun! “We’ve caught blue crabs now for over three decades. Why? It’s just fun. It’s an art. No one pots freshly caught heavy crabs like our boats.” Chesapeake Crab Co. leads the watermen community in offering the best USA blue crabs. In fact, we won the honor “Best Maryland Blue Crabs 2021-2022.”


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