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[STEAMED- FRESH] (1) Dozen Male Maryland Hard shell Blue Crabs

  • Any Blue Crab order over 1 day in transit will be shipped using dry ice. This may cause the crabs to freeze they can be thawed under refrigeration.  
  • It is impossible to get every order spiced to exact customer request due to steaming and shipping process.- No money will be refunded 
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“Rush my order! Express the delivery!  Get that delicious seafood to my house now!”

Chesapeake Crab Co. heard your cries!  Our crab houses work overtime to get freshly steamed blue crabs to your front door.  USA Blue Crabs swim in brackish estuaries (inlets) in bays, rivers and sounds.  They enjoy the fresh vs. salt-water mix.  The lower salinity, around 25% produces the perfectly salty-sweet mix in the meat.  Our crew uses the traditional Chesapeake Bay steaming recipe to maximize the freshness in the jumbo, lump and claw meat.  Grading the crabs with the certified scale: small (5”-5.5”), medium (5.5”-6”), large (6”-6.5”), X-large (6.5”-7”), and super (7” +), we keep true to size.  Then we use large cast iron pots and time the steaming to the crab quantity.  Did you ask for extra spice?  We wonder that too.  We carefully read your online order and spice your dozen, half or full bushel with the amount of crab-house spice (JO Spice #2) you selected.  What’s the best part of this recipe?  We continue our expertise in packing your crabs in specialty coolers and rush deliver them to your front door!

Do you take pride in the Chesapeake’s Blue Crab?

It’s no secret that Marylanders get all pumped up over the Chesapeake Bay and everything related to it.  Either the massive Bay Bridge or the beautiful Blue Crab, car bumpers, baseball caps and car decals all point to the Bay, but why?  The pride resides in one fact.  The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the world that gives a perfect home for the Blue Crab.  Yes, we can drive over it on the 4.3-mile bridge or we can boat the 200-mile length of the Bay itself, but what swims in it is quite special.  The Blue Swimmer that is savory!  This crustacean produces meat with a perfect mix of salty-sweet taste. Jumbo meat pulls from the back- swimming legs that’s ideal for a chilled seafood cocktail.  Lump cracks from the body cavities on both sides of the crab and mixes in the traditional recipe for crab cakes.  Lastly, claw meat falls from the pinchers and legs and soaks in seasonings in soups like Maryland Crab Soup.  Why take pride in all this?  Apparently, you want to share all this goodness.  It’s just too amazing to keep it a secret!

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We grade with the Traditional Chesapeake Bay Grading Scale!

Supers: 7+ inches

X-Large:  6 ½ -7 inches

Large:  6-6 ½ inches

Mediums:  5 ½ -6 inches

Small:  5-5 ½ inches




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