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(1) Dozen Super Hard Shell Blue Crabs Fresh Steamed (7+ inches) - (2) Mallets- (2) Crab Knives- (1 lb) Bag of Spice [Our Supers Are Extremely Rare And Always Sell Out, Get Them While You Can]


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  • Any Blue Crab order over 1 day in transit will be shipped using dry ice. This may cause the crabs to freeze they can be thawed under refrigeration.  
  • Steamed 

 Our live crabs are caught daily from our own fishing boats and transported to one of our three crab houses. They are then shipped overnight to your table all in a matter of 24 hours.

Chesapeake Crab Connection offers the largest grading scale in the industry at the most reasonable price.

All overnight orders crabs will be shipped fresh with gel packs. 2 Day or more orders crabs will be shipped fresh with gel packs and some dry ice to keep them cool. The dry ice may cause the crabs to partially freeze. They can be thawed in the refrigerator and served. If you do not want any dry ice used in your order please choose overnight delivery. 

If crabs freeze due to dry ice being used, no refunds or reshipments of the product will occur.

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