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[STEAMED- FRESH] (1) Dozen Female Maryland Hard shell Blue Crabs

  • Any Blue Crab order over 1 day in transit will be shipped using dry ice. This may cause the crabs to freeze they can be thawed under refrigeration.  
  • It is impossible to get every order spiced to exact customer request due to steaming and shipping process.- No money will be refunded 
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Which Blue Crab tastes better:  female or male?  Many attest that the female crab’s meat boasts denser, sweeter meat, but the amount differs.  Point-to-point comparison weighs the male crab at heavier, but flaky meat.  In fact, NOAA reports the heaviest male crab this last season tipped the scale at 1.1 pounds and a 10.72” point-to-point length!  Male and female crabs have distinct visual differences too.  Females flash red-tipped claws and a broad abdominal apron likened to the Capitol dome to sack eggs (roe).  Males sport bright blue claws and a narrow abdominal apron compared to the Washington Monument.  Uniqueness doesn’t stop there.  Females enjoy the mouth of the Bay for higher salinity water causing them to journey to estuaries in Virginia closer to the ocean. Returning to the taste, both female and male offer delicate, white meat nurtured from the crab’s diet of fish, clams, oysters, mussels, snails, worms and insects.  Now it’s time to decide. Should you feast on an ultimate female catch or male catch?  We say, try both! 

Special Note for Crab Enthusiasts:  When selecting your shipping method, two distinct packing materials keep your crabs ready to eat: gel packs and dry ice.  Overnight transit utilizes gel, while longer travel requires ice packs.  If the crabs freeze due to the ice packs, simply allow the crabs to slowly thaw within the refrigerator to maintain ideal texture and taste. Also, please keep in mind the following chart for serving amounts.  Get your hammers swinging, legs crack'n and meat dipp'n!

1 Dozen Feeds Approximately 1-2 People. 

1/2 Bushels Feed Approximately 5 people. 

Bushels Feed Approximately 10 people. 


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