[Steamed] MD Blue Crabs 1/2 Bushels

Oxford Crab House

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Make Crab Magic this August!

Gather your crew around the sand dunes and promise a wonderful, delicious sight. Prepare them so they have the necessary party favors: wooden malletsseafood forks, ramekins of hot butter, and bowls filled with bay spices. Let the ocean breeze cool down the outdoor, spontaneous, crab eating oasis. Look around and say, “Let the Blue Crab Savory Swimmer take over this hot August night.” Without further ado, lift the lid of your custom crab cooler and behold a half bushel jumbos, perfect for a hungry set of teenagers and a few jovial adults. With an instant sighting, better than a dolphin jumping in the horizon, a blue crab feast makes for a memorable vacation worth talking about!

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