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(5)(1-1.15 lb) Whole Maine Lobsters [STEAMED] [FLASH-FROZEN]


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Chesapeake Crab Co. hand-selects the best Maine Lobsters for your cuisine!

Lobsters naturally taste oceanic-sweet with a quick steaming, broiling, or even grilling.  The finest quality comes from a healthy & meaty lobster.  We hand select both.  Along Maine’s rocky coastline, we find pockets of lobsters.  Yes, they are social and hang-out together in the cold waters.  By the way, the cold conditions allow the meat to grow slowly, giving it a tender and more succulent taste than other warm water “cousins.”  Each day we celebrate another round of this delicacy for your online order, but we know we must respect Mother Nature.  So, we sustainably catch these pockets of lobsters. Leaving many at sea ensures a beautiful catch tomorrow too!

Lobster tips

  • Order your lobsters live or shipped.  Select Next Day delivery or a few days out.  We’ll catch your lobsters that day and keep them, until steaming or packing, in our pristine tank, so they arrive FRESH.
  • We pack your lobsters securely in lobster coolers with gel packs.  Decide if you like the ease of a presteamed lobster or you want to cook it yourself.
  • If you choose presteamed, follow these steps to warm them back up with superior taste.  Step 1:  Take your lobster from the cooler and brush them with garlic butter.  Step 2:  Wrap lobsters in foil.  Place them on a baking tray. Step 3:  Bake for 5-10 minutes at 350 degrees F.  Step 4:  Promptly remove and serve with a ramekin of butter and sliced lemons.
  • Did you know lobsters have health benefits?  A 4 oz. serving contains 127 calories, 23 grams protein and high amounts of B12 and choline.  Never heard of choline?  This mineral gives your brain a boost for strong cognitive functions!

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* ATTENTION * all lobster weights listed on description are the live weights prior to steaming. This is the industry standard and is how we purchase the lobsters. Once a lobster is cooked it will lose water weight. No refunds will be given for the difference in weight.

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