Whole Maine Lobsters/ Lobster Tails/Lobster Meat

An Oscar for your lobster!

“I’d like to thank the hard-working watermen, our steaming staff, Captain Jim and my Mom! This Oscar comes as a surprise and I’m deeply humbled.”

Tapping your chin wondering what to grill for the weekend?

Light the fire for some whole Maine Lobsters. Our Northern crew caught these lobsters in the pristine cold waters off the rocky Maine coastline and quickly steamed them for your brisk fall cookout. Flash freezing & vac-sealing them for a speedy delivery to your fire pit will certainly make this weekend’s cookout different from the norm.

Get them ready for the grill.

When you receive your lobsters, quickly place them in the freezer to maintain the frozen state and texture once thawed and grilled. What about thawing? First, grill or cook your lobsters within three months of receiving them so they don’t dry out in the frigid conditions. Once ready, place the lobsters in cool water in the refrigerator to thaw in a sealed container for about 60 minutes.

Where can your revelers find meat within the lobster?

The claw, body and tail! Lobsters exhibit a larger claw for cracking and a smaller one for cutting their food. Both boast tender, sweet meat. Body/Shell meat exists between the ribs and requires some patience in picking, but still offers a tasty reward. Tail meat, most prized for a fibrous texture, but plump salty-sweat taste receive applause from seafood lovers. Lobsters flap their tails to escape predators and to exercise in the cold Northern waters. This movement develops a high-protein meat. Delicious taste never did a body so good!

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