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{LIVE} Maryland Hard Shell Blue Crabs by the Bushel . (10) mallets ,(10)Seafood bibs, and (1 lb)of spice

  • (Please Take Note Our Insurance Does Not Cover Dead Loss It Is A Full Disclosed Risk.) (Insurance Only Covers Dead Loss If Package Is Delivered 24 Hours After Scheduled Delivery Date. 
  • {LIVE} Chesapeake Crab will not refund any money for crabs that do not survive the shipment. Live orders are at your own risk. Dead loss is expected. Dead loss is expected.In extreme cases an entire order may arrive dead. 

Please note that this product requires premium overnight shipping.

Currently We Are Able To Delivery Live Blue Crabs On Wednesdays and Fridays. 


Chesapeake Crab Connection is the ONLY company that offers  1/2 Bushels and Bushels with crabs over 6.5 inches. 

 The crabs come straight from our own crabbing boats and delivered directly to you. 

 Chesapeake Crab Connection Bushels are sold in 3 sizes.

Bay Crabs which consists of Small and Medium Crabs from to  inches.

    - Approximately 7 dozen per bushel.

Jimmy Crabs which consists of Medium and Large  Crabs from 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 inches.

    - Approximately 6 dozen per bushel.

Jumbo Crabs which consists of LargeExtra-Large and Behemoth Crabs from 6 to 7+ inches.

    - Approximately 5 dozen per bushel.

Female Crabs  which consists of Small, Medium, LargeExtra-Larges from 5 to 7+ inches.

    - Approximately 5- 6  dozen per half-bushel.

We proudly bring the catch from our boats to your door.  Recommended serving quantities are as follows:

 bushels will feed 10 people. 

Warning: These meaty delicious crabs come from our secret crabbing grounds and are sure to satisfy any seafaring salt. 

Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii Click the following link below to review our AK, HI guidelines.

(If you wish to order crabs LIVE please CLICK HERE to review our live crab policy. Dead loss is expected and we can not refund any money for dead loss. If you do wish to order live crabs please select the Early A.M Service).

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