Holiday Specials

Joy to the Bay!  Crab Picking to get your cook on.

Nothing beats adding freshly picked crab meat to your holiday recipe.  Yes, you can get your hands-on real USA crab meat that tastes fresher and sweeter than other blue crabs, but picking crabs makes family fun and something to talk about.  The rewards change a recipe to a coastal classy taste.  Rich and delicately sweet, blue crab meat from the Chesapeake Bay receives accolades for a reason:  tender and fresh flavor. 

Map out the crab for your cuisine.  The back-swimming legs present jumbo pieces with an ultra-white meat and clean taste.  Consider a Classic Crab Benedict with Old Bay Hollandaise Sauce.  The rich zesty cream embellishes the large eye-pleasing huge crab pieces.  Directly under the apron area of the crab, lump crab pieces offer a clean looking meat that tastes equally rich to the jumbo, but the smaller pieces help hold together an authentic Maryland Crab Cake. Aim to please with a golden-brown crispy cake.  Finally, the claws crack open with a browner meat that has a crabby tangy flavor that soaks in juices and sauces majestically.  Try whipping up a rich and creamy Greek Crab Dip for those around-the-kitchen island moments while the rest of the spread cooks.  No matter what family favorite you create, know that blue crab picking certainly adds festive cheer!


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