Fresh Scallops, Lobsters, Stone Crab Claws, Mussels & Oysters

Cooking with fresh seafood creates a meal rich in taste and fresh in texture. Our dedicated crew gathered our fishing fleet to amass some of the freshest seafood from Florida Stone Crab Claws, Fresh Nantucket Scallops to Canadian Blue Mussels.  Caught with mindful sustainability, our water-men harvest high-quality sea delicacies. First, cooked either on our boats or expeditiously on the dock, harvested stone crab claws exhibit flaky off-white meat with a sweet taste. Second, open your own tin gallon of fresh scallops and pat them dry for olive oil pan-searing. Once caramelized, the enthusiast will note a mildly sweet taste and plump texture. Third, add a Canadian favorite to your paella or seafood pasta with intertidal blue mussels. Growing on pilings and beds within 30 feet depths, this seafood enhances flavors from broths, herbs and butters. Join the new live catch craze with these products and more at Ordercrabs.com.  Follow us on Facebook for videos & blogs.


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