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Rake up Some Leaves & Get that Crab Feasting Energy!

Days shorten and nights get a bit brisk, which means Fat Crab Season is at its fullness. Blue Crabs continue feasting, filling those shells with buttery meat. They strive for robust tomalley and compacted jumbo and lump meat as fuel during frigid, hibernating weather. Snails, oysters, clams, small fish and the like get full attention from this “beautiful savory swimmer.” Savory is the key word, especially from mid-September to the beginning of December. Captain Jim celebrates with some exclusive Fat Crab Season specials. He rolls out his famous “Falling Leaves Crab Feast” with a trio of deliciousness: Steamed Dozen Large, 50 LIVE Littlenecks, and Quart Maryland Vegetable Crab Soup. As far as your favorite, the blue crab, we keep catching all shapes and sizes!

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