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(2 ) (4-5 lb) Whole Maine Lobsters [STEAMED] [FROZEN]

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Chesapeake Crab Co. catches Maine Lobsters from 1-6 pounds!

Maine Lobsters steam, boil or grill to a mildly sweet, but buttery plump meat.  Chesapeake Crab Co. delivers once again!  Our crew steams & flash-freezes heavy, freshly caught lobsters for your upcoming lobster fest.  Maine Lobsters constantly move through the rocky crevices along Maine’s shoreline, ensuring tender meat, high in protein.  Map out your whole Maine Lobster for a truly successful harvesting of the amazing meat!

Explain the taste of lobster.  Let us give it a try!

Since we catch crabs and shrimp, we can use them as a guide for lobster’s taste.  A chunk of lobster meat tastes sweeter than crabs and similar with shrimp’s buttery pop.  As far as butter, many chefs agree that basting the lobster during grilling or baking enhances that butter mouth-watering taste.  The texture tends to have a more fibrous nature than crabs and shrimp, especially the tails since they constantly flip through the cold waters propelling the lobster in search of food or escaping predators.  If you notice a “sponge” quality to the tail, you’re right.  This texture hints at the high amounts of protein found in a constantly moving muscle (meat).  Don’t forget that you have three main areas to find meat on a massive Maine lobster.  The claw, knuckle/leg and tail meat.  Pick all three and eat with hot butter or add to a creamy pasta, cheesy pizza or even a bisque.  One thing’s for sure though.  These lobsters are fresh! 

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