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Feel the joy of opening the freezer and seeing a variety of ultimate catches!

You celebrate an explosion of savings!  You notice your wallet seems fat even after filling the freezer.  As a matter of fact, answering the doorbell seems easier than driving to the seafood market.  What did the UPS driver hand you?  A twenty-pound case of 5 oz.- 8 oz. Snow Crab Legs caught in the frigid Canadian waters.  You know that these salty-sweet legs received quick steaming and flash-freezing at the dock, leaving about a 7 minute finishing cook.  Talk about convenient!  Once thawed, these clusters maintain tender texture and full flavor.

Speaking of a fat wallet, what about a heavy bushel of Jumbo Crabs.  Set yourself free and let it ring with freshly steamed Maryland Blue Crabs shipped from a traditional crab house using all the timeless standards.  Guaranteed graded sizes.  Supers-7” plus, X-Large-6.5”-7”, Large-6”-6.5”, Medium-5.5”-6”, Small-5”-5.5”.  JO Spice #2 Seasoning.  Carefully watched steaming times.  As you checked the boxes for why you ordered from Ordercrabs.com, you know your Fourth celebrations will bring all the neighbors to the yard!

Videos don’t lie!  Our showcased customer Randy doesn’t want eggs, bacon or sausage for breakfast.  His appetite craves boiled Snow Crab Legs!

First, Randy filled his freezer.

Randy laughs at the simplicity for getting the legs to his freezer.  “Go to Ordercrabs.com and order clusters that arrive nicely packaged.”  He affirms that Chesapeake Crab doesn’t skimp on product and gives you your money's worth.  His eyes especially light up when he said the crabs came right to his door.  He said, “It’s cheaper than a seafood market.” They last in the freezer, but they don’t last too long since he tears into them.  My Mom made me an addict for seafood, he laughs!

What’s for Breakfast?  Seafood Boil!

Randy shows about six clusters as enough for a breakfast feast.  He boils ginger, onions and seafood seasonings with the clusters for a spicy morning delicacy.  He times his clusters at 7 minutes since they’re already cooked, he says.  We took his advice that boiling the clusters creates a softer shell for easier cracking and picking.  As he enjoys every morsel, he says he feels like he’s on an island and the resort only serves crab legs, and he has no problem with that!  He mentioned that the mussels pack major taste too from Chesapeake Crab Connection.

Our crew at Chesapeake Crab thanks Randy for such an amazing shoutout!

(Specials must take delivery by July 20, 2019)


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