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No Better Way to Spend your Day

Which dock do you prefer? Lobster or Crab? Visit both & invite the mini-lobster, crawfish!

Wooden docks connect sea and land, and your appetite connects you with all the best catches. Ordercrabs.com brings more than crabs to the table. Check out today’s spread. Buttery, plump Maine Lobsters, piled on a serving tray for the taking, catch everyone’s eyes. “Be sure to ladle some hot butter into a ramekin,” a seafood suggests. Spiced and steamed Maryland Style Blue Crabs fill the air with a peppery pop. Captain Jim assured us, “You always get the true sizes at Chesapeake Crab Connection Co. Just remember, Small {5”-5.5”}, Medium {5.5”-6”}, Large {6”-6.5”}, X-Large {6.5”-7”}, and Super {7”+}. We always have crabs! Keep it going crew!” Mini Lobsters or Crawfish add some intrigue to the seafood mix. Cracking easily in the hands, the meat picks quickly. Nestled in a boil with sweet corn and red potatoes, this southern treat serves as a delicious break from the crabs and lobster. Then, you eye the kitchen and see bowls of clam chowder, piping hot coming your direction. Then you agree, Ordercrabs.com serves the entire sea!


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