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Fat Crab Season Loads the Docks without a Hitch!

Blue crabs sense the weather changes and feel the tide fluctuations, which means only one thing, FAT Crab Season! Cooler nights and the overgrown vegetation falling into the waters, lets the crabs know it’s feasting time. Insects, clams, oysters, small fish, and whatever they can find that’s still edible drives the blue crab’s appetite. “Build some fat with that tomalley” becomes the “Savory Beautiful Swimmer’s” rally cry. In honor of the kick-off, Captain Jim sets the table with his “Riptide Crab Dinner.” Filled to the brim and busting on the sides, a half bushel jumbos sits just right on the picnic table. Plus, nestled on a Kaiser roll, two 6 oz. Maryland Crab Cakes unify crab lovers who like to pick and those that like to dine. Make it an ‘Everything Crab Dinner” this beautiful fall day!


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