Louisianna Crawfish

 Louisiana Crawfish taste sweet with a salty-buttery finish.

Many chefs rave over crawfish’s versatility in adapting to recipes.  Soaking up picante, spices and broths, crawfish give a distinct addition to jambalayas and paellas.  Admirers term crawfish with “pet” names:  crayfish, crawdads, mudbugs and mini-lobsters to name a few.  Growing upwards to 3 inches in length, crawfish supply 14 grams of protein and 70 calories per a 3 oz. serving.  Celebrate creativity in your cuisine with crawfish!  Try crawfish cornbread by mixing Louisiana Crawfish tail meat with diced bell peppers and celery.  Add your picante preference with either healthy or moderate portions of paprika and tabasco.  Fold in your traditional cornbread, cream of corn batter with the tail meat mix.  Prepare for a Southern Creole good time! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for a fisherman's catch!

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