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Blue Crab Mix ~ (6) Jumbo Male Steamed Blue Crabs {6"-7"} & (6) Jumbo Female Steamed Blue Crabs {6"-7"} & (1) 8 oz. jar Homemade Dipping Sauce, DELMARVA Recipe ~ Nothing but the BEST!


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What is a “Fat” Jimmy Dozen?

No matter if you’re planning a heat of the summer feast or a chilly winter dinner, crab fans search out “fat” jimmies. First, know that jimmy names a male blue crab pulled from brackish estuaries. These waterways consist of about 25% salt and 75% freshwater concentration, giving them a salty-sweet taste. Male crabs continue growing past maturity, while female crabs stop. Bingo. That’s why jimmy males win for crab feasts. They can get rather large, perfect for impressing the dinner guest! Just like picking ripe fruit, crabs have a way of showing their readiness.

The “rusty bellies” and darkish color underneath the mouth area signify a ready crab. This dirty and aged shell shows readiness. The crab had time to grow into this shell, which means loads of meat. Crabbers know to watch out for this feature, and the crab house crew hand-select jimmy dozens with this appearance. Watch out for post-buckram crabs or those that recently grew into their shells. They boast an ultra-white abdomen. Yes, they may appear clean, but their shells contain mainly water and little meat. The meat yield disappoints every time. One-third less meat picks from these crabs. On the other extreme, crabs with a slightly pink or red line around the carapace’s and legs’ inner edges forecast a shedding of the shell. Crabbers keep these crabs for future soft-shell delicacy orders. Keep your eyes on these signs and select blue crabs that will fit the bill as a “fat” crab jimmy dozen.

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