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The Ultimate FRESH Catch! 
Heavy, meaty USA Blue Crabs signal good times and smiles from all Steamed Maryland Blue Crab fans! Stuck at home? Yea, we know! Dump a heavy load of JUMBO Blue Crabs on the dining table and pick crabs like a true Bay lover! 
The crabs taste like no other! FRESH. Steamed to perfection. Spiced to your liking & salty-sweet, a taste you LOVE!
Our Dock Deals ~
2-Fer Dozen Deals. X-Large, Large, Medium & Small all potted and ready to steam and spice for you! SAVE $5 off your already discounted 2-dozen selection with code MARYLAND5. 
(2-Fer Sale ends 10/16/20, while crabs last and fishing luck remain strong.

What keeps Bay crabs healthy?

This crab season pushed our crab house to a maximum steam!  Our crew loaded massive bushels, filled with healthy crabs, morning after morning into our wooden crab boats.  The “Stay-at-Home” crab feasts taught many crab lovers that Chesapeake Crab Co. supplies the best crabs this side of the Bay Bridge! Our crab house crew knew just what to do!  Keep to the standards and measure each crab for exact sizing and steam them to the Maryland Blue Crab Recipe.  Our Bay authority also helped with keeping the waters healthy.  They instructed the farmers and industries to avoid rushing run-off and chemical laden water from filling the bay. This water may lead to unhealthy algae growth.  Algae shades the bay floor, causing the natural grasses to die.  This grass helps the crab hide and flourish as they eat worms and clams that also thrive with the grasses.  Reports claim that more than 6,000 watermen pot blue crabs, so a healthy bay leads to a healthy catch! 

“How sweet, fresh blue crab meat!”

Either picking crabs yourself or ordering from a Chesapeake Bay picking house, blue crabs from Maryland just taste sweeter!  Some say it’s the perfect mix of salt and fresh water in the largest estuary (bay) in the world, the Chesapeake Bay. Others claim the crabs feasting for the winter hibernation develop a buttery meat. Preparing for the cold months requires a hefty appetite! Snails, oysters, clams, fish, and other tasty bay sustenance help the blue crab develop a pristine, robust salty-sweet meat. From the early days when Marylanders found the courage to catch the snapping crab and cook him, the savory meat was celebrated as AMAZING! They termed the blue crab as “Beautiful Swimmer that is savory.”  Not many species have the description as “tasty” or “savory” in its name!  Everyone must try this delicious delicacy! 

Don’t get crabby over these crab facts!

  • Marylanders prefer steaming crabs in large pots and have been known to pour a Natty Bo in the water mix for that hoppy steam.
  • Southerners love a boil and throw in corn and sausage for a juicy meat.
  • Blue Crabs find favor all along the Eastern Seaboard of the US and rival the West Coast’s Dungeness Crab.
  • Eat with assurance! Blue Crabs are low in fat, but high in omega-3s, which help in heart health.
  • Pick for fun or add to a recipe as a crab bisque, curry or crab cake.
  • Chesapeake Crab Connection is awarded the BEST supplier of blue crabs nationwide!

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