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2 Day Massive Crab Sale

Pick & Dip a Fall Fat Crab! Feast & Give Thanks for a Bounty of Delicious Blue Crabs!

Let us set your table! Give us a call at 866-509-CRAB.

  • Buy with assurance! Awarded “Best Maryland Blue Crabs 2019-2020.”
  • Traditional Chesapeake Bay Sizing ~ Small (5”-5.5”), Medium (5.5”-6”), Large (6”-6.5”), X-Large (6.5”-7”), Super (7” plus)

Perfectly Arranged.

Looking for the perfect centerpiece for the dining table? How about a couple dozen blue crabs? Not so blue anymore. Orange with glistening bay spices make the perfect arrangement! Just smell! Succulent crab meat and a peppery pop wafting through the air. Pile them high but make it easy for your crab fans to divvy out a fair mix! Captain Jim recommends 6-8 crabs per person so make sure you have enough. An ultimate catch for your feast!

Mallets ~ Choose our beechwood, durable mallet for a tap that cracks the claws for an easy claw meat picking.

Crab Paper ~ Quick and easy cleanup lets everyone remember the delicious crab meat and not the messy cleanup!  Just roll up and discard!

Crab Dipping Sauce ~ Apple vinegar, pureed vine ripe tomatoes, and brown sugar make this secret DELMARVA recipe a go-to for a hot butter substitute.  Why not?  Give your hungry fans choices!

Bowls & Paper Towels ~ Keep your hands clean for a fresh pick every time. A dunking bowl keeps the feast on track for a timely pick.

Claw Cracker, Seafood Fork & Crab Knife ~ Choose tools that are durable and reusable for a smart investment for the future and an expert pick now.

Butter Warmer ~ With a candle and affixed ramekin, a butter warmer gives you a hot dip at your leisure.  Yes, and the candle sets the pick-a-thon mood!

Extra Spice ~ Never fight over the extra-spiced crab.  A few bowls filled with extra JO crab house spice will keep everyone happy!

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