Captain Jim’s Double Dozen Deals

Ordercrabs.com wins again! Gliding through bay waters, Captain Jim’s wooden crab boats raise the Maryland flag with pride! From Crab Alley Bay to the Wye River, his crew watch current changes and crab migration to catch the crabs on the move. The crab culture calls these crustaceans, “The Beautiful Swimmer that is savory.” Boy do they live up to that name! Swimming sidewise with ten legs, Blue Crabs develop three major types of meat. Jumbo, Lump, and Claw. Of course, a good steaming and spicing take the crab to a delicious level. Captain Jim suggests eating the crabs as a party with your friends. Fill ramekins with clarified butter and a few with Chesapeake Crab’s secret DELMARVA sweet dipping sauce. Boasting apple balsamic and crushed tomatoes, our sauce takes the crab eating tradition to your home. Captain Jim wants every diner to experience the “real” bay experience!

Scrolling through websites carrying all these Blue Crabs may seem overwhelming! Who steams the BEST Maryland Blue Crabs? The answer is simple. Look at the sizes they offer. If they consider a large anything other than 6”-6.5” point to point on the top shell, then they aren’t following the “real” bay culture. The Chesapeake Bay Society measures a small as 5”-5.5”, a medium 5.5”-6”, large 6”-6.5”. x-large 6.5”-7”, and super 7” plus. Our watermen have potted healthy blue crabs since 1991, so when we see newcomers selling a “colossal” crab from 6 ¼” plus from tip to tip, we laugh! A crab measuring on the grading scale at 6 ¼” is a large. As you can see from the official scale, crab houses should steam extra larges and supers for the crab fans. We meet the challenge and keep to the tradition. We live by the motto, “Respect the Bay in all ways. Share with others the culture. And before you know it, you’ll find true pride in Everything Blue Crab.” We keep to this tradition and offer the culture’s true sizes. No need to disrespect what’s already perfect!

From deep bay pots, to sun scorched wooden docks, and bustling crab houses, we keep the catch healthy! Catching crabs in clean waters requires a knowledge of the brackish water, sounds and marshes filled with healthy eel grass, snails, clams, oysters and fish for the crab’s diet. Pride directs our crew for this healthy catch. Heaving the pots into the boats requires quickness and an eye away from the sun! These crabs require a rapid transport to the crab houses so they steam live and fresh. Long periods of time between the catch and steam detracts from the meat’s freshness and salty-sweet flavor. Our crab houses, even though fun and energetic with Jimmy Buffet blaring from the speakers, must act like chefs! Exact steaming and proper cooling and storage gives you the assurance your order will arrive fresh tasting every time! See, it’s all about a healthy catch and a crew filled with the joy of the Bay! Get your own Blue Crabs today!

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Leave no meat behind! Pro Crab Feasting Skills unveiled!

Let’s set the scene. You just unpacked your crab cooler filled with meaty Maryland blue crabs and you know these crabs are full! For one, they’re heavy when picking them up. You can compare the feel to a piece of meat because; well, it is! Two, when you brush away the spice, the shell appears ancient. An old-looking shell means what you think. The crab has worn it for many months and had time to fill it with savory meat. Question: How do you get to every last morsel of meat? You develop your own crab feasting routine, of course! Check out our plan of attack and let us know what you think!

Get that top shell off. Place the crab belly-up (white side) on the table. Locate the apron. On the male, it’s shaped like the Washington Monument and on the female, the Washington Capitol. Pry it up like a beer tab and snap it off. Place a crab knife in the hole, caused by removing the apron. Pop the top shell off with a quick lifting of the shell with the knife.

Clean up the crab. Scrape off the feathery lungs and juicy guts from the exposed crab body. Try to leave some of the mustard looking “fat”, which flavors the meat profoundly.

Savor some delicious, tender meat. Press lightly on the back-swimming legs and pull out the huge jumbo pieces. Break the crab in equal halves lengthwise and with a seafood fork, pick the lump and backfin meat. Finally, with a pairing knife snip the legs off the body and snap off the claws. Dig into the “knuckles” with the fork and scrape away the lump. Take a mallet and tap to crack the claw and with the fork, work out the meat. Sometimes, you can just twist the pincers apart and the meat will come out. Lastly, break each leg in half and suck out the meat from each. Yes, not too much meat in the small legs, but you don’t want to leave any meat behind!

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